We have been in business since October 2007. What a blessing it has been so far! There is nothing more rewarding than ministering to others, in our opinion! 

  • Special order items not in stock
  • Direct ship anywhere in the U.S.
  • Tab your bible for you, just in case you think you may mess it up and are too nervous to do it!
  • We can also Imprint bibles for you! 


That's not all we do though! Having a rough day? Need to vent? Or maybe you need some good old fashioned biblical advice? Talk to us! We're here to listen, teach, uplift, and help in any way we can!

Have old bibles that you're not sure what to do with? Send them to us! We take used bibles and give them to people who cannot afford them! BUT..... If you don't have any old bibles, and feel led to give to the cause, we will accept money donations to buy new bibles for people. 
Maybe you know someone who needs a bible, but cannot afford it, or maybe a good cause that houses or financially helps people that we could give bibles to!  Let us know! 

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